Did you notice that practicing the law of attraction from “The Secret” is not really easy?

the secret The 6 Week Extreme Life Makeover.I certainly did! !After watching “The Secret” I was in awe with myself for finally understanding how the universal law of abundance works.

I could see myself being able to control what happens in my life: from happiness to health and money, everything was at my fingertips.

But as time went by I noticed that not everything was going according to plan. Then, I started to be a little depressed especially after seeing other people having success. My frustrations grew on a daily basis until one day when I noticed how far I have wandered from the path of the laws of attraction.

Instead of practising what I had learned in “The Secret” I spent my time asking why it wasn’t working for me and how come it was working for others?

I realized then, that by constantly thinking about how the laws of attraction don’t work for me, I was actually blocking them from reaching me and from changing my life. I know it sounds a little strange, but bear with me because this is an important point:

Allow yourself to receive! Stop blocking the universal laws with negative and otherwise useless and unproductive thinking!

Another very important thing that I noticed is that you have to give yourself time for the laws of attraction to work for you. Let things develop and don’t rush the process, because you’ll only end up frustrated and depressed.

For example if your dream is to be the owner of a 1 million dollar business, you can’t realistically wish for it to happen over night. First things first: you’ve got to start your business, and then you have to grow it day by day. This process might take a lot of time but eventually you’ll get there.

But if you would give up after one or two months, then you’ll be certain to fail. The secret laws of attraction will never work if you rush them. Instead they’ll do the opposite and you’ll attract negative energy from the universe and instead of having a 1 mil dollar business you’ll go bankrupt.

It is of vital importance for you to realize these two principles which make the laws of attraction work for you:

1. Allow them to reach you!
2. Give them enough time to work for you!

And one more thing: make a priority out of learning more about how to use the secret laws of attraction and how to make them work for you. Because, only by constantly improving your knowledge about the universal laws you’ll be able to attract them in your life.

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